This pub situated on Borris' Main Street in Co.Carlow is full of rustic charm.Irish Pub Shop Style O'Sheas Borris

This authentic shop style pub with a traditional shop layout, counter also serving a pint of Guinness is as most shop style pubs were laid out.

Still functioning as a pub / shop / hardware its shelves, walls & ceiling heaving with hardware bits & bobs.
It was refurbished following a fire a number of years ago by Angela Murphy Design Associates & I have to say, what a great job!!
It looks just as it should be, or as it was!!

I have been here a good few times, I love sitting in the shop side amongst the many hardware items for sale,wellies hanging from the ceiling, paint rollers, hammers, saws, sweeping brushes, shelves stacked with nails, screws & lots of other hardware stock.

It's such a cosy pub & with it’s brightly painted bar counters & rich warm timber.Irish Pub Shop Style O Sheas Borris
The back bar is simple in design, mainly shelving to hold all the shop items & this section of the pub is mostly bar counter, where shop & pub combine seamlessly.
Simple schoolhouse style & cooley pendants light up this area & add to the atmosphere.
There is a Victorian style lounge are next door with more comfortable style seating.

The shopfront in O'Sheas is a beautiful simple, elegant style, with some original style features such as the window bars & also the built in canopy blind which rolls back into the fascia, supporting arms resting on the side of the shopfront.
Overhead 3 gorgeous decorative swan neck lights add a touch of Victorian splendour to this lovely shopfront.Irish Pub Shopfronts O Sheas Borris
The welcome is always warm in O'Shea's as is the decor!

Love Irish Pubs!!!Love your Pub!!!♥


This gorgeous pub is in Wexford town has lots of great ideas for a traditional Irish Pub Design.Irish Pub Style T.orris Wexford.

It really highlights how an Irish Pub design can be carried simply yet effectively.

With a mix of traditional shop style bar back bar & counters some of which are painted, this bar is divided into individual areas whilst keeping a sense of unity to the entire pub.

Often when designing Irish Pub different styles are brought into the pub to create individual spaces, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't as the pub design can become very disjointed.
T Morris Wexford Irish Pub Style
The design of this pub is shop style throughout, with an abundance of bar counters; the different areas are very well broken up thru different colour, slightly different finishes thus creating lots of cosy intimate spaces.

I love the simplicity of this pub design, the mix of different furniture, the simple pendant lighting & the gorgeous traditional & classic bric a brac through out.Irish Pub Style Morris Wexford

The painted bar counters & back bars add warmth & vibrancy to the design, creating individual looking counter out of similar counters, enhancing traditional features & inviting you to stay for more!!
If you are in Wexford, it's well worth a visit!!!

Check out all the beautiful images of this pub on their website: Pub Wexford Sign

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥




I am so excited!!! What a fantastic book!! 
The Irish Pub Book
Today a copy of 'The Irish Pub' book by Turtle Bunbury, with photographs by James Fennell arrived on my doorstep.
I lent my last copy to a friend & they liked it so much I made a gift of it, it's such a great book!! So excited to get a copy back in the design office.

With great descriptions & quirky historical details of the pubs & the characters that own them by Turtle Bunbury along with the most beautiful photographs by James Fennell.
James Fennell really has a great eye for capturing the atmosphere & pays attention to the little details of these pubs
What a great book writing team those two make!

Full of inspiration for Irish Pub Design & full of details that make Irish Pubs as unique as they are.The Irish Pub Book
If you have an interest in Irish Pubs, their stories & design, this book is a must for you!

Love Irish Pubs!!!Love your Pub!!!♥




One of the stars of the show in The Irish Pub Film was Leonards Grocery & Bar, in Lahardane.Irish pub/ shop style Leonards

I just love this shop / pub, one of very few around the country that have a working shop & pub in one, I wish more were still like this!

The pub owner is also the local undertaker, which a good few pubs were in town in Ireland in days gone by. Pubs really were at the heart & soul of the community.

This gorgeous shop / pub has two counters facing each other one serving its purpose as a shop counter, the other as a pub counter.

This is such a cosy pub with painted cream counter fronts & back bars, over which are lovely angled mirror & sign details, giving a bit of life to the cream paintwork.

Irish Pub Shop Style LeonardsThe ceiling is also painted cream & consists of tongued & grooved boards. The beautiful grey flagstone floor in contrast with the rich cream.

This pub was renovated of late & the owners have done a wonderful job as everything looks as it is where it should be.

The simple shelves are filled with groceries & household items, a colourful display of cans & boxes.
It is lovely to see a real working shop / pub & the layout is so simple & could work very well as a design for a pub with a shop theme.
How lovely to be able to stop in for a sliced pan & cooked ham whilst having a pint of lovely Guinness!!Irish Pub Shop Style

Love Irish Pubs!!!Love your Pub!!!♥