I love this pub, a great pub to visit during a rugby match weekend...if you can get in thru the door!Dublin Pub Style The Old Stand

Situated on a corner site this pub is full of light with its large window giving great views to the lively street outside.
It's a great pub to watch the world go by.

It has been renovated in years gone by, some of the darker colours being replaced with lighter hues giving it a lovely ambience.

Original Victorian features have been retained, elegant back bars & bar counters in their traditional form.
The Old Stand Irish Pub Style
I love the front central bar creating cosy seating areas around it, coveted spaces on match days!The Old Stand Dublin Interior

The black & white colour scheme contrasts beautifully against the honey toned timber colours & tan leather fixed seating.

It's a great example of how to modernise a traditional pub whilst retaining its character.
Traditional, simple, elegant...timeless!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥

 This award winning pub nestled on the banks of Loch Derg in Co.Tipperary is a gorgeous example of a rustic cottage style pub / restaurant.Irish Pub Cottage Style Larkins

The beautiful traditional exterior complete with a thatched roof, half door, sash windows & white washed walls is picture perfect with vibrant red doors & window contrasting beautifully of the white walls.

The simple signage to the exterior is as a cottage style pub signage would have been, simple.

The interior is traditional, cottage style as per the exterior, the timber wall panels painted in a light colour, traditional yet contemporary, warm honey coloured furniture in a rustic style, timber & flagstone floor complete this rustic look.
Irish Pub Cottage Style Fireplace
The walls are rough plastered, timber beams over doorways & timber beams or panelled ceilings create a warm & inviting interior, thick walls make you feel cocooned from the outside world.

Traditional style fireplaces create focal points in some of the pub areas, a framed picture of John. F. Kennedy hangs on one fireplace typical of many Irish Homes in years gone by.

I love the simple, uncomplicated style of this pub, the complimentary colours from the warm painted wall panelling to the honey coloured timber & just enough memorabilia.

Traditional, timeless, cosy & atmospheric, as every pub should be!!!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥

Irish Pub Cottage Style Larkins

This bar in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary is packed with charm & a fantastic collection of Irish drinks memorabilia. It's an original pub/shop from the 1900's. Remaining unchanged over the years it has a unique old world atmosphere from times gone-by.

Wonderfully simple in design, narrow, cosy, divided into different cosy area areas creating bottlenecks as is a natural feature in Irish Pubs & what a great way to get to meet new people, by squeezing by them in a packed pub?Carrolls Irish Pub Interior
The long narrow design is typical of many Irish pubs especially those in an urban setting, creating little nooks & crannies, long lengths of bar counter broken up by bar screens or cabinetry.

Phil Carroll’s as you enter has a gorgeous seating area in the bright window, beautiful mirrors reflecting the light, the corner of the bar creates a lovely place to sit , simple traditional screens divide the counter from the next portion of the bar.
The detailing in this bar is so simple, darkly coloured walls giving great ambience, in contrast to the dark walls is a gorgeous collection of Irish drinks & tobacco mirrors, Guinness, Jameson to name but a few.

Simple tongued & grooved panelling warming up the darker wall colours, ceilings are cover in either embossed wallpaper painted or posters collected over the years.Carrolls Traditional Irish Pub
Furniture is simple, unupholstered stools with a mix of bentwood chairs & cast iron metal tables, simple timber benches build in to narrow areas.

This pub really has impressive collection of memorabilia, old promotional signage, tobacco tins, biscuit tins, Jameson stoneware flagons, there are even some traditional style tea bins in sitiu, all giving colour & detail.

I love the cosy feel to this bar, the simple yet interesting design & the plethora of fantastic bric-a-brac, little pieces of our history, once ordinary everyday items, now curios, what would our forefathers say???Carrolls Bar Clonmel

Love Irish Pubs!!!Love your Pub!!!♥

...There's no fireplace like your own fireplace!!!

Who doesn't love the warm glow off an open fireplace or stove in these colder darker evenings??Irish Pub Design Style Fireplaces
At this time of year I love going for a walk on the beach followed up by a bowl of hot seafood chowder beside an open fire.

Fireplaces in pubs especially in colder climates are a great focal point; the flame of a real fire enhances any pub turning it into a cosy haven.
Customers are drawn to the glow & the atmosphere it creates is unbeatable.

Make a feature of it; there is a style of fireplace to suit every pub, from a decorative cast iron Victorian fireplace with decorative tiling to a rustic fireplace with chunky mantel & fire irons.Irish Pub Design Style Fireplace
Fireplace mantels also act as a great display area for Halloween & Christmas decorations creating some cheer & atmosphere to the chilly, dark winter’s evenings.

Cosy, warm, inviting...everything an Irish Pub should be!

Love Irish Pubs!!Love your Pub!!!♥