I love finding images of Irish vernacular architecture especially of Irish cottage life, simple & functional designs.Irish Pub Furniture Cottage Style

There's no doubt that life was hard back then, that’s why I love looking at photos of old ways & old days, sometimes we forget how lucky we are & how easy life has become.

Simple furniture designed for functionality & also designed with creative flair, many details from back in the day still being used in Ireland today.

Many Irish Pub Style furniture pieces are designs handed down from one generation of tradesmen to the next, passing down the wonderful gift of traditional handcrafted furniture, whilst woodworking machinery may well have improved, they are still produced by craftsmen using traditional design.Irish Pub Furniture Victorian chair

We can supply a range of traditional style furniture, authentic in design, simply designed, beautifully made and built to last as all pub furniture should be!!


Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥

Here are our favourite 12 Pubs of Christmas in Dublin, some of the loveliest traditional pubs!!

1. Hogan’s- Cafe style bar, one of our favourite pubs in Dublin.

2. The Long Hall- Sit & admire the sparkling chandeliers & mirrored back bar in this traditional Victorian Pub.

Irish Pubs Style Christmas

3.The Stags Head- One of the best Victorian Pubs in Dublin.

4. . The Temple Bar- Atmospheric, love the Christmas decorations, very twinkly!!

5. The Palace Bar- Immerse yourself in one of Dublin’s great Literary Pubs & meet a few characters!
Whiskey a speciality!Mulligans Irish Pub Christmas

6. Mulligan’s, Poolbeg Street- Step back in time in this gorgeous simple Pub. Lovely Guinness!!

7. McDaid’s- Just off Grafton Street, escape from the hustle & bustle in this very tall bar!

8. Bruxelle’s- Release your inner Rock Chick by the statue of Phil Lynott!! Rock on!

9. Kehoe’s- Grab your self one of the best snugs in Dublin & soak up the laughter of the crowd.Kehoes Irish Pub Christmas

10. O’Donoghue’s- Join in on a traditional music session, toe tapping mandatory.

11. Doheny & Nesbitt’s- Revel in some old world charm in this gorgeous Dublin Pub.

12. Toners-one of my favourites!! Great Guinness & gorgeous pub interior, like stepping back in time!!Toners Irish Pub Christmas

Enjoy the festivities!!!
Happy Christmas!!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥

One of my favourite things, the genius that is Guinness adverts; I love this T.V ad, showing snow falling around Ireland in a mostly monochromatic colour scheme.Guinness Christmas Advert

Scenes of a peaceful Dublin with a sprinkling of snow, all glistening with Christmas lights, a shot of the famous Black & white pub front of O’Connell’s in Co. Meath.

Finishing off with gates at Guinness Dublin with a layer of snow on top....just like your favourite pint of plain!!

Many people say Christmas starts when they see the Coca Cola Advert, to me it’s the Guinness one!!

Here is some more festive cheer old & new from the folks at Guinness!!Guinness Christmas

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥Guinness Christmas advert

There are so many beautiful hand crafted mirrors in traditional pubs across Ireland; they are an important element in Irish Pub Design.Irish Pub Design Mirrors

Many original Irish Pubs were long & narrow, often resulting in dark areas towards the rear of the pub with limited daylight.

Whilst a lot of traditional Irish Pubs are typically on the dark side, feeling like you are having a pint in a cave is never a good feeling, this is where lighting is paramount & mirrors are a integral part of getting the most out of your lighting.

Especially in the darker winter’s evenings, mirrors really do work wonders for any room, from illuminating dark corners, creating the illusion of space to creating a hint of drama.
By placing your mirrors near a light source, e.g. next to wall lights you will reflect the light around the room, giving an extra bit of light to a dark interior.
Irish Pub Design Mirrors
Mirrors opposite a window can give the illusion of another room; brightening the room & making it feel more spacious.

I love back bar mirrors, ornate mirrors with gold leaf detailing, reflecting the many different colours from various drinks bottles making for a colourful display.
Mirrors on the back bar bring the back bar to life & can add an extra bit of detailing...... enhancing, decorating, illuminating.

Luckily there are a wealth of gorgeous decorative mirrors available to enhance any Irish Pub, Guinness, Jameson, Bushmills all richly coloured & decorated pub mirrors from Irish drinks companies will add that sense of drama to your back bar or pub walls.Irish Pubs Design Mirrors
Let there be light!

Love Irish Pub!!! Love your Pub!!!♥