This style of Irish Pubs is one of my favourites, what fun you can have when designing this style particularly when it comes to styling it up with bric a brac.There are so many different possibilities with this style as different themes can be introduced, how about a Victorian Style Chemist, a drapery shop, a country hardware store or general Grocers?Irish Pub Shop Style

Vintage tin signs & advertisements, hand painted shop signs both in timber & glass, all add to the nostalgic feel of the Shop Style Irish Pub. 
The Bric a Brac in this style of pub is really special, little pieces of history.

Tins, packages, old timber boxes, shop bikes, shop weighing scales, cash registers colourful displays of days gone by. All displayed in glazed cabinets with signage over or on back bar shelves, complete with shop drawers which would have contained shop wares such as tea & flour. Back Bar shelves heaving with bottles, jars, boxes & tins, tongued & grooved walls filled with advertisements & colourful tin signs all adding to the shop ambience.Irish Pub Shop Style Table

In an Irish Pub/ Shop traditionally furniture was usually simple, rustic & hard wearing able to accommodate the comings & goings of a busy shop.
Lighting types again were simple traditional types, pendant lighting hanging over bar/ shop counter, illuminating the shop wares.
Floors were usually hardwearing, tiles, slate & timber floor, scuffed by many boots walking through.
Simple, colourful, full of character.Irish Pub Shop Style chair

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥Irish Pub Shop Style Lighting




Irish Pub Style BreweryWith the popularity of craft beers at the present time, what better way to style your Irish Pub than Brewery Style?Irish Pub Cottage Style

Taking it's inspiration from St. James Gate, the home of Guinness in Dublin, this style is industrial in nature thus blending in well with current interior  trends.

Warm timbers, stone walls & floors, copper piping & barrel-like detailing all help create that brewery ambience, add in industrial style lighting  & rustic furniture & you will create a venue befitting of any brewery.

What I love about this style of pub is the use of metalwork, metal bands to vertical timbers-barrel like, copper features & detailing reminiscent of copper brewing vats, such a beautiful warm metal in a pub setting.

Barrels can be used to great effect to create feature walls & drinkstands, along with other brewery memorabilia, copper jugs, stoneware flagons, Guinness tin signs & photos all telling the Guinness tale, from the heart of Guinness in Dublin.
Guinness Sign Irish Pubs

Simple rustic, strong furniture, barrel drinkstands, plank tables, metal light fittings in copper, brass or wrought iron, stone & timber floors, strong elements all combining to create a warm inviting venue, the perfect place to enjoy the perfect pint!!

Guinness for Strength!!!

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Irish Pub Style Brewery

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Dramatic, opulent,'s all in the detail!Irish Pub Style Victorian

Remiscent of many pubs in Dublin’s fair city, this lavish style goes hand in hand with quality & timelessness.
Creating a comfortable cocoon like pub, cosy, warm, inviting oozing style.

Dark timber panelled walls, detailed bar counters & back bars stretching up to high detailed ceilings, all highly decorative and created by craftsmen.
Dark wall colours such a burgundies, dark greens often wallpapered compliment the exquisite woodwork's rich tones.

Flooring creates its own feature with elaborate tiling detailing around bar counters or as feature floor panels, adding another level of beauty & detail.
Hardwearing mosaic tiled floors, colourful, beautiful, ornate real craftsmanship!

Contrasting against the dark rick tones, are decorative gold leaf mirrors & beautiful colour filled stained glass panels adding colour & vibrancy.
Hand painted stained glass, created in the traditional way, taking time & lasting thru the generations.Irish Pub Style Victorian Furniture

Decorative chandeliers, pendants & ornate wall lights in brass & antique brass are typical of this era, mix up your lights for an eclectic feel & make them a feature in their own right.
Lighting always stands out in a Victorian style Irish Pub due to its dark backround; make sure your lighting is highly decorative to add to the elaborate feel.Irish Pub Victorian style lighting

Comfortable, sumptuous, detailed seating creating little nooks & snugs, privacy coming in the form of decorative glazed screens.
Deep button backed fixed seating & benches with decorative carved seat ends, elaborate cast iron table bases, deep warm leather & fabric colours inviting you to take a seat!!

How I would love to be in The Stag's Head now!!Irish Pub Style Victorian Tiling

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Here are some ideas for different styles of furniture & lighting if you are trying to create a cottage style Irish Pub.Irish Pub Cottage Style lighting
Irish Pub Cottage Style Chair

Furniture for this of style of Irish Pub would be simple & traditional.

Mix different styles of furniture for even more of an authentic feel, creating the look of a furniture collection amassed over the years.
I love this look & it really helps create a more eclectic feel, typical of a rural cottage with furniture collected & bought form many different sources.

The cottage lighting style again is simple, coolie pendant hanging over the bar counter creating a warm glow or prismatic glass pendants, reflecting light & creating ambience.
Irish Pub Cottage Style Chair
The industrial look is a popular trend right now, there is something lovely about the unpretentious nature of this look, the utilitarian feel, stripped back to a simple form, 
this industrial style is a good mix for any cottage style Irish Pub as they both share the back to basics look & feel.

Salvaged items are a great way to instantly age your pub & give it that 'collected feel', collections of furniture, old lighting & of course authentic bric a brac will make you feel like you are in another age!

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