If you like a smooth, triple distilled Irish Whiskey from time to time then yesterday’s announcement of €1bn in the Irish Whiskey sector is great news.Irish Pub Whiskey MirrorsIrish Pub Whiskey Mirror Bushmills

Currently plans for 15 new distilleries across the country are underfoot; bring the total number of distilleries from 4 a number of years ago to 15 in the next few years.
What great news for the Irish drinks industry & tourism in general.Irish Pub Barrel ends

Irish Whiskey is so unique in smoothness & flavour & has an undisputable quality.
It's historical heritage stretches back centuries, although it went through a bit of a decline in the early part of the last century, the last few decades have seen a rise in popularity of this wonderful tasting drink again.

Irish Whiskey to me means tradition, heritage, quality & of course pride!

Here are a few Whiskey tours you can organise on your next trip to Ireland:

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Here are some Irish Pub Whiskey Ideas to get you in the mood!!

Sláinte!!! (Cheers!)

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥

I love the Guinness Storehouse; I went to visit recently for a bit of inspiration for a pub I was designing.Guinness Storehouse Gate
It is such a great place to see & should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Dublin.

Full of ideas for a Brewery style Irish Pub which is a style that can sit comfortably into many sites.
If your chosen site has exposed brick / stonework walls or a utilitarian feel, then this Irish Pub style could work very well for you.Guinness Storehouse Bric a Brac

Exposed girders, stone, brick, timber exposed materials, patterned glass... simple forms, letting the actual structure become part of the character of the pub design.
This particular style ties in with industrial & vintage styles which are popular at the present time, why not bring your Irish Pub style up date, an Irish pub with a nod to the past & present.Guinness Storehouse Bottle wall

Taking its inspiration from the Guinness Brewery in Dublin using warm timbers & metalwork, brick, cobbles or stone this style really evokes the home of Ireland favourite stout.
Of course this style can be modified to recreate the many Whiskey distilleries to be found in Ireland.

So raise a glass to one of the loveliest of Irish pubs Styles!!!


Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥Guinness Storehouse Gilroy Banners



 Guinness Storehouse Barrels


Positioned just of the bustling Grafton Street, this late Victorian, traditional pub offers welcome break from the business of Dublin’s main shopping thoroughfare.

Neary's is a UNESCO City of Literature Bar with historic connections to acting & the Literary community going back in time. The stage door to The Gaiety Theatre is located to the rear entrance of Neary's.
Neary's Pub Dublin

Always comfortable, cosy & welcoming this pub is like a getting a hug from an old friend! 

With its traditional red brick exterior, the entrance door is flanked on either side by two cast iron metal arm lanterns, discreetly highlighting the entrance way.

Inside lies a lovely traditional pub with warm rich timber tones, marble counter tops, gleaming brass counter top lanterns , chandeliers & wall lights illuminating this cosiest of pubs.

Walls are panelled with mirrored insets or wallpapered panels, seating covered in plush velour’s inviting you to sit & relax.
Neary's Bar Dublin

This is a great pub to have a chat in, no blaring music or TV just good old chat.

That’s one thing I love about some of the more traditional Irish Pubs.............no music!!
Just the musical sound of laughter, merriment & chatter & maybe an odd singsong...sure what more could you want??

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥Neary's Snug Dublin




If ever there was a traditional pub that was a good advertisement for beautiful decorative whiskey pub mirrors, then this is it.Irish Pub Style McConnells Antrim

This pub has been in the same family for 240 odd years & thank God has virtually remained untouched.
Originally a grocer's / pub it is a wonderful thing to see pubs with this history & tradition being lovingly maintained over the years.
A renowned spot for regular Friday Traditional music sessions, this pub has a cosy ambience that you could settle down in for the night.Irish Pub Whiskey Mirrors

With its pitch pine counter spanning along one wall the pub is divided in two by a glazed timber divider with an arched detail, a dark tongued & grooved timber ceiling hands overhead.
Timber panelling fixed on a diagonal a simple but effective way of adding some detailing.Irish Pub Style Schoolhouse pendant
The darkness of the timber to the bar, back bar & ceiling form a great backdrop to show off some of the other elements in this gorgeous pub.
Namely the colourful ornate decorative Irish Pub Whiskey mirrors, the gleaming brass footrail & handrail, the schoolhouse style pendant & the checker board tiles.
Here are some styling ideas to capture this look.Irish Pub Victorian Tiles

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥