I love the style of this Bar in New York & it is top of my list to try & visit soon!The Dead Rabbit Irish Pub New York

One of the things I love about it the most is that it is a celebration of the history of the area in which it is located, celebrating Old New York & the Irish- American story.
It just fits right..it is not just an Irish Pub dropped into a location which could be anywhere...the story & history behind the area & the pubs homage to that makes it special.
It is great to see a celebration of the Irish story & not just the Irish story in Ireland,but drawing on the story of the Irish once they left Ireland & settled (with some drama!!) into their new home of New York in the 1800's.

The design of this pub is fabulous..so simple & so well executed.
Simple elements, rich timber wall panelling & painted Tounge & grooved boards, simple memorabilia...there is nothing twee about this pubs design & it is a fantastic example of a contemporary Irish Pub with simple traditional elements.The Dead Rabbit Irish Pub Design New York
The lighting in this pub is the star of the show creating an intimate & dramatic feel by use of lights & shadows...really special designed by a New York Lighting Design Company MRD, their specialist custom lighting work can be seen here:
http://accessmrd.com/case_study/dead-rabbit/ what a talented bunch!

At ground floor there is 'The Taproom' , sawdust on the floor, simple traditional style furniture, simple painted wall panelling rustic ceiling beams with fabulous lighting.
Meaningful memorabilia & artwork fill the walls.
A long narrow space so typical of most Irish Pubs & at the very rear of the pub a grocery section selling Irish groceries.The Dead Rabbit New York Lighting
This layout of a pub & grocery store was a great tradition in Ireland years ago..many business' combined together under the one roof, so you could have a pint whilst waiting for the groceries to be packaged up.The Dead Rabbit Irish Pub Design New York

Upstairs you will find 'The Parlour' a more refined space with upholstered seating in traditional brown leathers & rich reds.
Wall panelling is a rich timber hue & a gorgeous green, showing off the beautiful historical pub pictures.
A piano sits against the wall, just waiting for an impromptu music session!
Again the lighting designers have created a wonderful atmosphere, with their lighting design, warm, atmospheric, inviting as every hostelry should be.
Historical cocktails from the era & punch are served in china tea cups...with slings & toddies, juleps, flips & follies, punches, nog's on offer to name but a few.

I love everything about this pub, I love the historical branding, the lighting, the drinks menu, the leather aprons, the simplicity of the interiors- less is more & in this case it most definitely works.The Dead Rabbit New York Irish Pub
Well done to the creators of this venue...I can't wait to visit!!

Visit The Dead Rabbit website here:

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!♥