Even in sunny Florida colder weather makes an appearance every now & then, we have had a spot of colder weather since we arrived. Being Irish we're used to a bit of wind & rain, any dry day is a win for us!!

But it got me thinking about how cosy Irish Pubs are & how that cosiness is such an important factor in an Irish Pub design even in a warmer tropical climate.Irish Pub Cosy atmosphere

An Irish pub can should offer cosiness & warmth, be cocoon like, safe, welcoming,comforting...like a home from home.
Even in a hot climate it can offer shelter from the element albeit shade from a hot sun.

This cosiness is created by a number of factors; designing in cosy snug areas with glazed screen divides, creating intimate areas within your pub using glazed timber divider screens & cabinets, adding a timber or beamed ceiling or by creating a crowd drawing fireplace area, I know where I like to sit on a cold day!!

Irish Pub Cosy cottage atmosphere
Other cosy up factors include...warm wood tones, create that cocoon like feel; colourful stained glass panels add colour vitality & warmth & especially in Ireland they can really add colout to an otherwise drab day!
Warm amber tones from wall sconces & pendant lighting reflected in ornate gold leaf pub mirrors in warm tones,
comfortable upholstered seating that you can settle into for an evening, warm atmospheric wall colours.
Well worn in timber floors or colourful mosaic tiles adding colour & depth, warmth & cosiness.

Irish Pubs Cosy Pub Ideas
& of course colourful eclectic Bric a Brac, giving your pub a warm welcoming lived in look.
Cosy it up!!!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥