We have been working on this beautiful Irish Pub design in Moscow's city centre for a number of months with some of our Russian Customers.

Tap & Barrel Irish Pub Sketch

When we first visited this beautiful site it filled us with excitement as it was such a stunning location to start with.
We decided that a Victorian Brewery style Irish Pub would suit this stunning space divided by brick vaulted ceilings into 8 square areas.

Ta p & Barrel Design SketchTap & Barrel Library sketch
A central stepped bar divides the space, an elegant Victorian style back bar with central archway sits under one of the buildings impressive brick arches. Brewery barrels sit on top of the bar counter at each corner, counter mounted lights illuminate the bar area. The central position of the bar creates intimate areas in the surrounding areas also allowing for double the amount of back bar display.Tap & Barrel Irish Pub Counter

Elegant Victorian style tiles surround the bar & entrance area, adding colour, decoration & detail.
High level backlit stained glass windows illuminate & add detail, high level brewery style doors add character.

A cosy Guinness Library Snug sits behind glazed display cabinets with handpainted signage over,
a framed portrait of Arthur Guinness sits over a fireplace, a central rug sits in front, library style shelving filled with antique books & bric a brac fill the room.
As we designed we wanted to create a comfortable, parlour like room, the perfect spot for private party, this area is divided at one entrance by glazed cabinets & by glazed screens on the other.Tap &Barrel Library SnugTap & Barrel Irish Pub Library

Towards the rear of the bar is a raised area-the live music area, this area has more loose seating to accommodate different functions a bric a brac loft with booth seating nestled in under also sits in this area. Throughout the pub, we have created lots of intimate areas by using glazed screens, part of our brief was also to keep the pub open so live music acts could be enjoyed from all areas of the pub.
High level shelving runs around the perimeter of the space complete with Irish Pub Bric a Brac.
Beautiful antique Irish Pub Mirrors , Irish Drinks Barrel ends signs & Irish Pub prints decorate the ancient brick work.

Authentic Irish Pub Bric a Brac, Irish Pub Mirrors Irish Pub Furniture, Irish Pub Lighting & hand painted signage was shipped over from Ireland. We are delighted to have been involved in this Irish / Russian collaboration, Concept design, working drawings, supply of Irish Pub Furniture, Irish Pub Lighting & Bric a brac by Love Irish Pubs.Tap  Barrel Irish Pub Guinness Picture

Sláinte or Cheers to all our Russian friends!!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥