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House of McConnell, Ballycastle , Co Antrim.

If ever there was a traditional pub that was a good advertisement for beautiful decorative whiskey pub mirrors, then this is it.Irish Pub Style McConnells Antrim

This pub has been in the same family for 240 odd years & thank God has virtually remained untouched.
Originally a grocer's / pub it is a wonderful thing to see pubs with this history & tradition being lovingly maintained over the years.
A renowned spot for regular Friday Traditional music sessions, this pub has a cosy ambience that you could settle down in for the night.Irish Pub Whiskey Mirrors

With its pitch pine counter spanning along one wall the pub is divided in two by a glazed timber divider with an arched detail, a dark tongued & grooved timber ceiling hands overhead.
Timber panelling fixed on a diagonal a simple but effective way of adding some detailing.Irish Pub Style Schoolhouse pendant
The darkness of the timber to the bar, back bar & ceiling form a great backdrop to show off some of the other elements in this gorgeous pub.
Namely the colourful ornate decorative Irish Pub Whiskey mirrors, the gleaming brass footrail & handrail, the schoolhouse style pendant & the checker board tiles.
Here are some styling ideas to capture this look.Irish Pub Victorian Tiles

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