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The Irish Pub Film, a must see for Irish Pub lovers!!!

We were recently invited by Element Pictures to attend an advanced screening of The Irish Pub in the Light House Cinema, Smithfield. The Irish Pub Film

The Irish Pub Film will be released in cinemas on October 4 & is well worth a look if you love Irish Pubs.
This endearing film was full of wit & humour mixed with some sadness at the demise of some of Ireland’s pubs.

One thing that stands out is the characters that run some of Ireland’s pubs & how they are the heart & soul of the community, the immense pride they have in the heritage & history of their pubs.
Owning a pub is like a vocation, passing from generation to generation, preserving the business for the generations to come.

This film was beautifully shot with lots of great images of Irish Pubs & their design; I loved every minute of it.
It highlighted to me the warmth of hospitality in Irish Pubs, the wit & pearls of wisdom that you hear there & the love of the Irish publicans for their craft.

'THE IRISH PUB is a eulogy to the greatest institution in Irish society, the pub or more specifically the traditional Irish publicans who run them.
The characters in this exceptionally endearing film all run and own pubs that have been in their families for generations and it is through their warmth,
wit and wisdom that we gain an insight into the heart and soul of THE IRISH PUB.'

Composer: DENIS CLOHESSY Clarinet: CONOR SHEIL Editor, Sound and Camera: ALEX FEGAN.
Directed and Produced by ALEX FEGAN
© 2013 Atom Films.

Love Irish Pubs!!!Love your Pub!!!♥

Mulligan’s Pub, Poolbeg Street, Dublin-An oldie but a goodie!!

Renowned for its gorgeous creamy Guinness, this is one pub which has not changed over the years- thankfully!!
Irish Pub Style Mulligans Poolbeg StreetThis pub was established nearly 300 years ago, as a shebeen it has been legal since 1782, in 1854 it was leased by John Mulligan & in 1932 sold to The Cusack family who still run it to this day.

Irish Pub Style Mulligans Dublin
This Victorian pub is nestled on a quiet street parallel to the quays in Dublin & has attracted a wide variety of clientele in its day! Attracting dockers & working men, journalists, literary greats, sportsmen & Presidents of the U.S.A the appeal is broad & the Guinness is good! James Joyce was a customer taking inspiration no doubt from the characters in the pub & a young John F.Kennedy paid a few visits whilst a young senator.

What I love about Mulligan’s is the feeling that this is exactly as it was back then; Victorian in style; traditional, rich wall colours, dark mahogany timbers, heavily embossed wallpapered walls. A great feeling of seeing something virtually untouched thru the generations, as with a lot of Irish pubs the laughter & chatter is the music, filling the air with an atmosphere thats hard to beat.Dublin Pub Style Mulliagns

The pub spans over a few different rooms, creating lots of cosy nooks & crannies in which to congregate, the dark coloured timber curving bars sweep thru each area, one area leading to the next.

There is a larger lounge room to the rear, deep red walls with a large over mantle mirror reflecting light around the room, leatherette fixed seat run around the perimeter, simple furnishings in a simple Victorian bar.

The walls of this pub are elegantly decorated in a mixture of dark timber wall panelling & embossed painted wallpaper to the walls & ceiling, with who knows how many layers & years of paint on.Irish Pubs Mulligans Dublin

Love Irish Pubs!!!Love your Pub!!!♥