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The Dylan Whisky Bar, Kilkenny City.

This lovely Victorian style pub in the heart of Kilkenny city is a great example of a new Pub design feeling as if it's been there for generations.The Dylan Whisky Bar Kilkenny

The designers of this pub which was built in 2009 have done a great job as it really feels like an older pub.

It is warm & cosy in appearance with rich timber tones & lovely Victorian detailing to the joinery elements.

Beautiful cut out detailing sits on top of simply glazed timbers screens which house the pubs award winning snug, comes complete with private door & additional door internally to create 2 snugs.The Dylan Pub Kilkenny Snug

Adding to the cocoon like feel of this pub is the decorative back bar, ornate timber wall panelling & wood block floor, glazed screens & cabinets full of Whiskeys.

One thing I really love is the lighter tone of timber, as most Victorian style pubs tend to veer towards a darker timber colour, this colour choice just adds warmth especially when combined with the rich red painted anaglypta wallpaper on the ceiling, creating a 19th century feel & atmosphere.The Dylan Pub Kilkenny

Traditional oxblood buttonback settle benches & brass studded bar stools with backs add an extra level of detail & invite you to sit, relax & enjoy!
Traditional style wall sconces & pendants in amber tones complete the look.

Named after the legendary Bob Dylan combined with a Whisky concept, music & spirits combined to create a unique pub.
The pubs slogan is “Taste, Feel and Experience the Spirit of The Dylan”.The Dylan Whiskey Bar Kilkenny
What a lovely pub!! I could happily settle in for an evening of good music & atmosphere!!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥

T. Morris Pub, Wexford.

This gorgeous pub is in Wexford town has lots of great ideas for a traditional Irish Pub Design.Irish Pub Style T.Morris Wexford.

It really highlights how an Irish Pub design can be carried simply yet effectively.

With a mix of traditional shop style bar back bar & counters some of which are painted, this bar is divided into individual areas whilst keeping a sense of unity to the entire pub.

Often when designing Irish Pub different styles are brought into the pub to create individual spaces, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't as the pub design can become very disjointed.
T Morris Wexford Irish Pub Style
The design of this pub is shop style throughout, with an abundance of bar counters; the different areas are very well broken up thru different colour, slightly different finishes thus creating lots of cosy intimate spaces.

I love the simplicity of this pub design, the mix of different furniture, the simple pendant lighting & the gorgeous traditional & classic bric a brac through out.Irish Pub Style Morris Wexford

The painted bar counters & back bars add warmth & vibrancy to the design, creating individual looking counter out of similar counters, enhancing traditional features & inviting you to stay for more!!
If you are in Wexford, it's well worth a visit!!!

Check out all the beautiful images of this pub on their website: Pub Wexford Sign

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥