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Home of the Black Stuff....The Guinness Storehouse!!

I love the Guinness Storehouse; I went to visit recently for a bit of inspiration for a pub I was designing.Guinness Storehouse Gate
It is such a great place to see & should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Dublin.

Full of ideas for a Brewery style Irish Pub which is a style that can sit comfortably into many sites.
If your chosen site has exposed brick / stonework walls or a utilitarian feel, then this Irish Pub style could work very well for you.Guinness Storehouse Bric a Brac

Exposed girders, stone, brick, timber exposed materials, patterned glass... simple forms, letting the actual structure become part of the character of the pub design.
This particular style ties in with industrial & vintage styles which are popular at the present time, why not bring your Irish Pub style up date, an Irish pub with a nod to the past & present.Guinness Storehouse Bottle wall

Taking its inspiration from the Guinness Brewery in Dublin using warm timbers & metalwork, brick, cobbles or stone this style really evokes the home of Ireland favourite stout.
Of course this style can be modified to recreate the many Whiskey distilleries to be found in Ireland.

So raise a glass to one of the loveliest of Irish pubs Styles!!!


Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥Guinness Storehouse Gilroy Banners



 Guinness Storehouse Barrels