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Irish Pub Style

What is an Irish Pub's style??

There are a few categories into which Irish Pub Design fall, alongside that, every Irish Pub is unique in it's own right as most pubs used individual craftsmen, so different joinery ( millwork) detailing, glass designs, and so forth would be used in the deign & build of each pub, the individual owner also had an impact in the feel of the pub, as a result there is a wealth of different designs to explore.
Each pub is unique in its own detailing & feel.

The main categories of Irish Pubs are as followsVictorian Style Bar Design

  • Victorian Dublin Pub
  • Irish Cottage Pub
  • Irish pub shop style

Within the categories above a variety of other Irish pub styles can be incorporated into the design of any given project, e.g. within the Irish pub shop style: the design could be based on a grocers or 'spirit grocers', chemist, hardware; the list is probably endless as you could come up with so many different design variations.
Irish pubs also often ended up 'theme-ing' themselves, for example if a pub's owner & customer's were big horse racing enthusiasts, then the hanging pictures & bric à brac would more than likely reflect this,the same can be said for pubs with a great tradition of live music, or a literary history, as many Victorian Dublin pubs have, in years gonebee frequented by many of the great Irish writers sharpening their wit at the counter!

It is important to deign your Irish bar correctly; it will make it stand out from the crowd it also helps achieve atmosphere & ambience, which will be added to the pub naturally with age.
Irish Pub Interiors Cottage Style
All the elements of an Irish pub should be selected in harmony with the era it is from, important elements to select carefully are joinery (millwork details), glass design, flooring, lighting, wall finishes & bric à brac. Getting these details right will create the perfect authentic feel to any pub, whether it be a refurbishment or new build.
Once you get the basic design right, detail it true to the era the design is from & use good materials that will stand the test of time, your pub will, like a good whiskey improve with age!

Welcome to Love Irish Pubs...

Irish cottage style pub designOur passion is Irish Pubs, their history, Irish Pub design, hospitality & all the individual unique, quirky pieces that add up to a great Irish Pub. 

Irish Pubs are a relaxed, comfortable, sociable, warm friendly environment to meet old & new friends, as you never know who is going to turn up!
Nothing equals an Irish Pub for the relaxed & sociable atmosphere they embrace.A place where conversation flows along with great wit & tall tales, sometimes the only music to be heard is the hum of chat, laughter & debate.
Many Irish Pubs have a great tradition of live music, creating an atmosphere of great fun (or craic in Irish) & enjoyment for all their customers. Ireland has such a rich musical heritage & nothing beats an impromptu music session in a pub for an enjoyable & memorable night out!
Distinctive Irish drinks all add to the Irish Pub atmosphere, with creamy Guinness, refreshing Bulmer’s (Magners), smooth Jameson, Bushmills & Baileys, all real flavours of Ireland
to be savoured & enjoyed.

There are many different styles of Irish Pub designs, usually arising from the location of the pub & the individual owners, many of whom are real characters!!
From the grandeur of the victorian style pubs found in Dublin to the rural charm of a quaint cottage style pub, simple in design, yet warm & welcoming, many Irish Pubs doubled up as shop / pubs, with long shop counters, back bar counters heaving with shelves filled with shop wares & of course Guinness & whiskey bottles.
There are many more variations to the design of Irish Pubs, each as unique as their owner & customers.Irish Pub shopstyle shopfront

I will be adding Irish Pub design ideas, features, ideas for furniture, bric à brac & things that catch my eye to this blog as I find them, if you have any Irish Pub stories, pictures, or if your pub needs some love & attention, contact us, if we can't help you maybe we can put you in touch with someone who can.