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Bric-à-brac Inspiration.

Bric-à-brac really makes a pub, it is one of the most imporant elements in Irish Pub Design...Irish Pub Bric a Brac

It is what separates the average Irish Pubs into the GREAT ones!
Stories can be created, family histories the pub a personality of its own.
Personality in a Pub is important, without it its just a bar with nothing to make it stand out from the crowd, attract customers & friends.

Spend some timeworking on your pub personality....we promise it will be worth it.

Here are some Bric-à-brac items we can source, if you have any ideas for themeing your pub which you need help sourcing items for ...
please contact us..we would love to help!!!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥Irish Pub Bric a Brac

Beautiful Bentwood.

We recently finished a design for an Irish Pub in which we selected bentwood furniture.

I had forgotten just how elegant bentwood furniture is & how it can fit so well into an Irish Pub design.
It gives an Irish Pub design a chic, cafe bar feel, like Hogans Pub in Dublin & looks fabulous when mixed in with Victorian style pub furniture,cast iron table bases & the like.Irish Pub Furniture Bentwood

Michale Thonet designed this furniture in the 1840's by steaming wood to create these beautiful elegant shapes. whose aesthetic and functional appeal remains to this day.
An icon of cafe bar culture in Europe & often to be found in Irish Pubs.
Why not give your Irish Pub a chic European feel, mix it up with other furniture, giving your pub a eclectic mix.

Here are some Bentwood furniture pieces in situ in Irish Pubs.

Why not browse our website to see other elegant bentwood pieces to enhance your Irish Pub!!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!♥Irish Pub Bentwood FurnitureIrish Pub Furniture Bentwood High stool