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The Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Temple Bar.

This much loved Dublin Pub is a beautiful example of an original Dublin Victorian Pub. Palace Bar Dublin

Located on Fleet Street near the entrance to Temple Bar, this is one of Dublin's landmark pubs, steeped in history with a great literary tradition it has been a social home to writers, poets, artists, novelists & journalists for many years.

The front bar is long & narrow with a regal mahogany back bar showcasing fine whiskeys under the row of mirror backed arches, this tall elegant back bar stretches up towards the high wallpapered ceiling, affording this narrow space with a sense of space, light floods on thru the tall front arched window, screened at the base for privacy.

A small private snug sits at the end of the bar counter, glazed for privacy, many's the good story was told with the snug walls.
The bar counter is divided by tall mirrored mahogany screens with triangular pediment tops, these screens are at regular intervals allowing privacy along the long bar counter.Place Bar Temple Bar

The narrow bar area opens up to a 'backroom', this open area is full of light from the ornate roof light above, illuminating the area with shafts of coloured light when the sun shines thru the beautiful stained glass design.

This room's high vaulted ceiling & roof light above give it a lovely airy feeling, comfortable leather seating is found in this area, the walls are decorated with timber wall panelling the walls adorned with paintings.Palace Bar Dublin

This really is a beautifully elegant room & a lovely area to relax, sit back & take it easy.

Palace Bar Temple Bar









Tynan's Bridge House Bar, Kilkenny.

This little piece of history is nestled on the banks of the Nore in Kilkenny City.Irish Pubs Kilkenny Tynans

Established in 1703 it was run as a grocers/ pharmacy until 1919 when Michael Tynan bought the premises & turned it into a bar.
Most of the elements in the little snug bar have been lovingly maintained & preserved making it a fantastic example of an original pub / shop.
The pub even slopes a little, well, what do you expect after 300 odd years!!!

The front part of the bar is very obviously the remains of the original shop, with drawers lining the back bar with labels for cloves, almonds, citron marked on them, a brass rail hangs over head the bar counter from which bacon would have been hung, original scales & weights also hang in this area.

The front area of the bar is separated by the most beautifully coloured stained glass divider, the colours are just gorgeous!Kilkenny Irish Pubs Tynans

This divider leads into the rear bar area where a horse shoe bar commands the space & comfy leather seating surrounds,
this rear bar is the cosiest bar I have ever been into with its original brass lights on the rich coloured granite bar counter,
warm coloured panelling & mirrored walls, panelled ceiling it is almost cocoon like in nature.

The large mirrors brighten up what would be a very dark area, with so much rich timber colours & lack of sunlight,
the lights from the original oil lamps relfect beautiful warm light around this space.
Kilkenny Irish Pubs Tynans

The central back bar is lavishly decorated & has a beautiful heavy cornice & mirrored sign to its top it has a walk thru at the centre of the bar to connect both sides, this back bar has no doubt been an inspiration to many in Irish Pub designs as it is a design feature I have seen replicated many times.

The floor throughout is a colourful large mosaic tiled pattern, like the glass dividers the tile pattern adds a lovely splash of colour.
If you want a taste of Kilkenny's pub history this is definitely one to pop in on!
I love this pub & always try to call in when I am in Kilkenny City.
The atmosphere is always great, welcoming & warm.
Drop in & step back in time!!1

Love Irish Pubs!!!Love your Pub!!!♥Ireland Kilkenny Tynans Irish Pub