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Magnificent Mosaic's.

Mosaic's & tiled patterned floors are a beautiful style feature of any Irish Pub.Irish Pub Mosaic Flooring

Especially in a Victorian or Pub/ Shop Style, they add an extra dimension to a pub's design.

There are many examples of original mosaic tiles to be seen in pubs in Ireland, having been worn in & rounded with year’s worth of shoe traffic. These tiles add an extra level of detail to a pub design, give great vibrancy & colour to an area, almost decorating the pub by themselves.

Whilst traditional tile designs will always look the part why not design in a more contemporary design into a traditional style pub, give a traditional craft a modern twist. I love the way David Collins added a contemporary design in this traditional style Bar in Kilkenny, Bridie’s Bar, part of Langton's House Hotel, John Street, Kilkenny. Black & white always make for a stylish combination, in either a traditional or contemporary design.

Irish Pub Flooring Mosaic Tiling

Mixing traditional design style with modern materials creates a familiar traditional style venue, whilst adding a stylish contemporary edge, bringing the past into the present in a manner that is sympathetic to both eras.

There are many designs available with mosaic tiling, the only limit is your imagination, all tiled flooring can be custom designed for your pub/ premises’.Irish Pub Mosaic Flooring
It is also possible to design your logo & brand into a mosaic panel, making it truly unique to you & putting your stamp on your pub for generations to come.

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥


McConville's, Portadown, Co. Armagh.

This beautiful traditional pub, said to have been modelled from a design on the Titanic is situated on the corner of the main street in Portadown.Irish Pub Style McConvilles

Previously known as 'The Mandeville Arms’ the name is still to be found above an old rococo lantern hanging outside an iron-canopied entrance.

The design of this pun is similar to that of The Crown Bar in Belfast although not as ornate.
The design similar to The Crown Bar has a series of snugs, 10 in total around the perimeter of the pub, beautifully ornate in detail with fixed seating on each dividing wall, a door gives privacy, the snugs also have little button which operates a bell to let the staff know you needed a refill.

The lavish detailing in this pub is also to be found in the heavy moulded ceiling & etched glass.Irish Pub Style Mc Convilles

The beautifully ornate Victorian tiles are in hues of rich browns, cool blues, and deep terracotta giving a warm feel to the interiors.
Ornate tiles also decorate the front of the bar counter, adding a splash of colour & extra detailing.Irish Pub McConvilles

Original gas light fittings are still in place as is a gas cigarette lighter in the shape of Sir Roger Tichbourne a feature that has been on the bar for many years.

McConville's used to bottle their own ‘McConville’s Navy Rum’, which was ‘made from the finest sugar cane’, they also bottled their own whiskey.
Whiskey barrel ends are incorporated into the ornate back bar design along with an impressive selection of top shelf whiskies.McConvilles Pub

This lovely intimate pub is well worth a trip!!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥