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The Irish Pub, Turtle Bunbury & James Fennell.


I am so excited!!! What a fantastic book!! 
The Irish Pub Book
Today a copy of 'The Irish Pub' book by Turtle Bunbury, with photographs by James Fennell arrived on my doorstep.
I lent my last copy to a friend & they liked it so much I made a gift of it, it's such a great book!! So excited to get a copy back in the design office.

With great descriptions & quirky historical details of the pubs & the characters that own them by Turtle Bunbury along with the most beautiful photographs by James Fennell.
James Fennell really has a great eye for capturing the atmosphere & pays attention to the little details of these pubs
What a great book writing team those two make!

Full of inspiration for Irish Pub Design & full of details that make Irish Pubs as unique as they are.The Irish Pub Book
If you have an interest in Irish Pubs, their stories & design, this book is a must for you!

Love Irish Pubs!!!Love your Pub!!!♥




Leonards Grocery & Bar, Lahardane, Co Mayo.

One of the stars of the show in The Irish Pub Film was Leonards Grocery & Bar, in Lahardane.Irish pub/ shop style Leonards

I just love this shop / pub, one of very few around the country that have a working shop & pub in one, I wish more were still like this!

The pub owner is also the local undertaker, which a good few pubs were in town in Ireland in days gone by. Pubs really were at the heart & soul of the community.

This gorgeous shop / pub has two counters facing each other one serving its purpose as a shop counter, the other as a pub counter.

This is such a cosy pub with painted cream counter fronts & back bars, over which are lovely angled mirror & sign details, giving a bit of life to the cream paintwork.Irish Pub Shop Style Leonards

The ceiling is also painted cream & consists of tongued & grooved boards. The beautiful grey flagstone floor in contrast with the rich cream.

This pub was renovated of late & the owners have done a wonderful job as everything looks as it is where it should be.

The simple shelves are filled with groceries & household items, a colourful display of cans & boxes.
It is lovely to see a real working shop / pub & the layout is so simple & could work very well as a design for a pub with a shop theme.
How lovely to be able to stop in for a sliced pan & cooked ham whilst having a pint of lovely Guinness!!Irish Pub Shop Style

Love Irish Pubs!!!Love your Pub!!!♥