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Love Irish Pubs Art

I love Irish pub shopfront's & traditional shopfront's in general.Love Irish Pub Art Shopfronts

We are very lucky in Ireland to still have a wealth of original shopfront's, Irish Pub Artall originally handcrafted & beautifully detailed. Unfortunately as time goes by these shopfront's are being lost by business's closing or as a result of modernisation, I am all for moving with the times but I think we should cherish these little pieces of history which make our towns & villages so unique!

I have recently started to draw & paint a series of traditional shopfront's & am loving it.
My inspiration for this came from my Grandmother(now 90!!) who loved art & was always sketching & painting local street scape's & buildings when I was a wee one, I always loved her painting growing up & this has been on my mind to do for a while.

I will be adding to my collection as time goes by, when a beautiful shopfront catches my eye & my heart.
Here are some samples of my drawings,works in progress, I hope you like them!

Love Irish Pubs...Love your pub!!!


Irish Pub Bric à brac

The effective use of bric à brac can really enhance your pub & can really make the difference in a themed bar such as an Irish Pub.
Irish pub bric a brac
With bric à brac oftentimes less is more, less quantity & more good quality true authentic items.

This weekend I had lunch in a local seaside pub, this pub is simple in terms of design, but what made it stand out to me was the beautiful bric à brac the owner had amassed over the years.
It had antiqued nautical items displayed on the back bar which were true to the history of the pub, local old village posters & historical pictures framed really gave this pub a story.
It also displayed authentic Guinness & old cigarette advertisment tin signs which would have been in most old pubs...but the overall feel was of a personal collection.
There was something of interest on every wall both from a visual sense & a storytelling of the pub, where it was, what it was & a glimpse into the people who enjoyed its warm
hospitality over the years!!
Irish pub bric a brac music decor
Make your bric à brac meaningful, good quality, start simply, collect, gather & let it tell your own story!!