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Irish Pub Shopfronts

Shop fronts in any Irish town are an important piece of architectural history, different styles being created by different craftsmen often following a family tradition of craftsmanship.

The shopfront is one of the most important element to any pub; after all it is your kerb appeal that gets customers in the door to sample what’s on offer. Irish Pub Design Traditional Shopfront
The colour, design & presentation can give your customers a feel of what to expect when they walk through your front door.
In traditional shopfronts in days gone by the wares of the pub were advertised by means of posters to the outside, a shop window display & signage over. The signage could be the name of the owner or pub name & a description of what was inside e.g. 'Public House', 'Drapery' etc.
Most Irish streets would have provided a colourful display of different shopfront styles & colours, at a glance the may not seem that spectacular, but on closer inspection there are beautifully hand crafted details to be found such as; carpentry carved mouldings & corbels, hand painted signage & painted carved block letters, etched glass, and tiling.
The shopfront usually was harmonious in style, proportion & scale to the building it sat into.Irish Shopfront Pub Design

Irish shop/pub fronts often consisted of classical design elements such as hand carved corbels, columns & cornicing.
Every shopfront has a story, of a business still thriving after generations, or one gone into history with only the legacy of its beautifully crafted shopfront remaining & memories of all the local tradesmen & artists who worked together to create something so special.