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Getting your sign design right for your pub will help your potential customers see at a glance what your pub offering is.

Traditional pub signs in Ireland vary carved lettering, hand painted signs,Irish Pub Signage
& glazed signs. No matter which design type is your preference it is important to keep it clear & use key words such as 'Irish Pub', 'Restaurant', 'live music' to promote your premises & what you do.

Extra space for signage can be found in the form of hanging signs which are a fantastic way to catch passing street trade & if you are lucky enough to have a blank wall space such as a gable end, then why not use your walls to advertise your pub??

Your signage is a constant advertisement for your pub, the least expensive & most effective form.
Get noticed, promote your brand & attract the crowds!Irish Pub Signage Guinness

Love Irish Pubs!!!...Love your Pub!!

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass is a fantastic way to bring colour into your pub design.Irish Pub Glazed Screen
The reflective quality of the decorative glass compliments to rich tones of your woodwork beautifully, it divides without darkening, gives privacy whilst illuminating.
Pubs were typically screened from the outside world by means of glazed screens, keeping the outside world out whilst giving light.
Glazed screens are a great way of creating intimate spaces that are still connected to the atmosphere of the pub, they can break up a long bar counter whilst creating nooks & cranny’s, enclose a seating area, differentiate one area from another.
The great thing about incorporating decorative glass into your pub design is that, it can be custom designed for your pub, colours selected to compliment.
Different styles of glass to suit different pub designs, keeping your pub authentic in design
e.g. decorative stained glass & highly decorative bevelled edge back bar mirrors to a Victorian Pub design style, simple reeded glass to a simpler cottage style pub.Irish Pub Design Stained Glass
Mirrors are a great way of lighting up dark areas in your pub by adding a reflective quality to a room, particularly when natural light is involved.
The reflection of light can fill up dark and shadowy areas of a room.
Whatever the style; add glass to illuminate, colour, enhance & reflect.


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