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Victorian Style Irish Pubs


This style of pub is typical of a number of pubs found on the streets of Dublin’s fair city, there are beautiful examples of the Victorian Style in operation in Dublin e.g.; The Stags Head, Victorian Stlye Irish Bar
The Long Hall & McDaid's. When you walk into one of these pubs it is almost like stepping back in time, their design has stood the test of time & has a timeless quality.
They are elegant in design, often with high back bars taking advantage of elaborately designed high ceilings.

A Victorian style Pub is ornately designed, consisting of elaborate detailing such as: hand carved cornice, corbels & panelling all beautifully handcrafted.
The back bar is typically a focal point lavishly designed & beautifully presented, many back bars of this type may have clocks as a central feature with gleaming ornate mirrors contrasting against dark rich timbers. Usually timber colours in a Victorian Pub are dark, rich & highly polished, brass footrails may be used to the front of the elegant bar counters. Beautiful floors such as ornate tiling & polished timber are used throughout, the tiling usually centred around the bar area.
Bar counter screens are often highly detailed with carved pediments & corbels, decorative glass stained glass panel inset into the screens for a splash of colour. These bar screens give a cosy, intimate feel to a long bar counter. 
Victorian Style Irish PubSnugs are often positioned around the bar counter area, these were usually a small private room, typically screened off from the rest of the pub but with access to the bar counter for service, usually for customers who wanted a little privacy or a cosy intimate setting, or in days gone by for ladies to have a drink in, when it was unseemly for ladies to be seen in a pub!!
Those days are obviously well gone!

Most of these pubs in existence in Dublin have one thing in common; they have been well maintained & polished over the years & still have that highly polished feel,
which goes to show with good craftsmanship to start with & a bit of tender loving care you can create & maintain a beautiful pub from one generation to the next.