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Our year on the other side of the bar...

This time last year we invested in an Irish Pub in Florida & what a whirlwind of a year it's been. We were very lucky to enter into a business with an existing loyal customer base which we are very grateful for, they are the butter to our bread! Over the last year we have been busy refreshing our pub & adding our own Irish stamp to it, we have been doing this in the old school way, as we go, when we have time, when funds allow us to move forward. As a designer it has been a great insight.... designing to suit your budget, getting the most bang for your buck, making the best of what you've got, enhancing, planning forward, investing cleverly in your business to move the business on ...all whilst keeping those tills ringing!

This is something we have noticed thru our Love Irish Pub's online store... not every Irish Pub Owner has huge sums of cash to invest, lots of our customers are not super large Irish Pubs but local neighbourhood bars, people doing their best, making a living & hopefully enjoying the ride as they go! One thing I've learned is it's getting that balance right, investing in the right things...simple changes can have a huge impact.

The best single thing we have invested in this year, without a doubt has been beautiful authentic Irish Pub Furniture,handmade in Ireland & shipped across the Atlantic to us here in Florida. Authenticity is king & changing out our existing furniture to the 'real deal'...Irish Pub furniture literally transformed our pub overnight! Gone was the cookie cutter pub furniture, so light you could lift it with one finger & in came our hand-crafted, made to order, made to last, Irish Pub furniture. Sure, shipping across the Atlantic costs a bit & takes a little longer but.....It was worth every penny.

Irish Pub FurnitureIf you are thinking of opening an Irish Pub or renovating what you have contact us, we'd love to talk to you. We can help you with everything from purchasing Irish Pub furniture, Irish Pub Bric a Brac , mosaic flooring, Irish Pub Design & Build & much more. Between us we have lots of hands-on experience & know the challenges you can face.We wouldn't change this last year for anything, we have worked hard, seen results, enjoyed ourselves, made new friends, met some fantastic people & lets face it....The Florida sun isn't to bad either!

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!!♥










The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, NYC...

I love the style of this Bar in New York & it is top of my list to try & visit soon!The Dead Rabbit Irish Pub New York

One of the things I love about it the most is that it is a celebration of the history of the area in which it is located, celebrating Old New York & the Irish- American story.
It just fits is not just an Irish Pub dropped into a location which could be anywhere...the story & history behind the area & the pubs homage to that makes it special.
It is great to see a celebration of the Irish story & not just the Irish story in Ireland,but drawing on the story of the Irish once they left Ireland & settled (with some drama!!) into their new home of New York in the 1800's.

The design of this pub is simple & so well executed.
Simple elements, rich timber wall panelling & painted Tounge & grooved boards, simple memorabilia...there is nothing twee about this pubs design & it is a fantastic example of a contemporary Irish Pub with simple traditional elements.The Dead Rabbit Irish Pub Design New York
The lighting in this pub is the star of the show creating an intimate & dramatic feel by use of lights & shadows...really special designed by a New York Lighting Design Company MRD, their specialist custom lighting work can be seen here: what a talented bunch!

At ground floor there is 'The Taproom' , sawdust on the floor, simple traditional style furniture, simple painted wall panelling rustic ceiling beams with fabulous lighting.
Meaningful memorabilia & artwork fill the walls.
A long narrow space so typical of most Irish Pubs & at the very rear of the pub a grocery section selling Irish groceries.The Dead Rabbit New York Lighting
This layout of a pub & grocery store was a great tradition in Ireland years ago..many business' combined together under the one roof, so you could have a pint whilst waiting for the groceries to be packaged up.The Dead Rabbit Irish Pub Design New York

Upstairs you will find 'The Parlour' a more refined space with upholstered seating in traditional brown leathers & rich reds.
Wall panelling is a rich timber hue & a gorgeous green, showing off the beautiful historical pub pictures.
A piano sits against the wall, just waiting for an impromptu music session!
Again the lighting designers have created a wonderful atmosphere, with their lighting design, warm, atmospheric, inviting as every hostelry should be.
Historical cocktails from the era & punch are served in china tea cups...with slings & toddies, juleps, flips & follies, punches, nog's on offer to name but a few.

I love everything about this pub, I love the historical branding, the lighting, the drinks menu, the leather aprons, the simplicity of the interiors- less is more & in this case it most definitely works.The Dead Rabbit New York Irish Pub
Well done to the creators of this venue...I can't wait to visit!!

Visit The Dead Rabbit website here:

Love Irish Pubs!!! Love your Pub!!♥