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Light up my life...

Firelight will not let you read fine stories but it's warm and you won't see the dust on the floor...Old Irish Proverb.

Lighting should create a warm ambience in you pub,it should be warm, cosy & inviting, be bight enough to read bar menus but not glaring, gentle effective lighting is the key.
Getting the balance right is crucial as it sets the mood in the pub, lighting that is too bright does not create a relaxing atmosphere yet if its too dark it will create a gloomy tone.Irish Pub Design Lighting

Lighting in Irish pubs is mainly through pendants & wall sconce's, the bar is usually lit by means of overhead pendants which can be a feature in themselves.Make the most of natural light, glazed window screens between the pub window & interior can create a lovely effect, clever use of mirrors can help reflect natural light in dark corner of a pub. Keep downlight's to a minimum,maybe just to enhance the back bar & show off your top shelf Whiskeys.
Again mirrors on a back bar help reflect light & light up the bar area. Bar lighting should where possible be adjustable to create different lighting levels throughout the day & take your pub from day to night time use.Like a lot of Irish drinks it should be gentle, mellow & warming!!