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Getting your sign design right for your pub will help your potential customers see at a glance what your pub offering is.

Traditional pub signs in Ireland vary carved lettering, hand painted signs,Irish Pub Signage
& glazed signs. No matter which design type is your preference it is important to keep it clear & use key words such as 'Irish Pub', 'Restaurant', 'live music' to promote your premises & what you do.

Extra space for signage can be found in the form of hanging signs which are a fantastic way to catch passing street trade & if you are lucky enough to have a blank wall space such as a gable end, then why not use your walls to advertise your pub??

Your signage is a constant advertisement for your pub, the least expensive & most effective form.
Get noticed, promote your brand & attract the crowds!Irish Pub Signage Guinness

Love Irish Pubs!!!...Love your Pub!!