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Mirror, mirror on the wall.......

There are so many beautiful hand crafted mirrors in traditional pubs across Ireland; they are an important element in Irish Pub Design.Irish Pub Design Mirrors

Many original Irish Pubs were long & narrow, often resulting in dark areas towards the rear of the pub with limited daylight.

Whilst a lot of traditional Irish Pubs are typically on the dark side, feeling like you are having a pint in a cave is never a good feeling, this is where lighting is paramount & mirrors are a integral part of getting the most out of your lighting.

Especially in the darker winter’s evenings, mirrors really do work wonders for any room, from illuminating dark corners, creating the illusion of space to creating a hint of drama.
By placing your mirrors near a light source, e.g. next to wall lights you will reflect the light around the room, giving an extra bit of light to a dark interior.
Irish Pub Design Mirrors
Mirrors opposite a window can give the illusion of another room; brightening the room & making it feel more spacious.

I love back bar mirrors, ornate mirrors with gold leaf detailing, reflecting the many different colours from various drinks bottles making for a colourful display.
Mirrors on the back bar bring the back bar to life & can add an extra bit of detailing...... enhancing, decorating, illuminating.

Luckily there are a wealth of gorgeous decorative mirrors available to enhance any Irish Pub, Guinness, Jameson, Bushmills all richly coloured & decorated pub mirrors from Irish drinks companies will add that sense of drama to your back bar or pub walls.Irish Pubs Design Mirrors
Let there be light!

Love Irish Pub!!! Love your Pub!!!♥